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21 or a Granny?

February 29, 2012

First I was high, then I sunk to rock-bottom low. 

“Be careful what you say and who you say it to,” every Mom warns her kids.

I have an unusual grey streak in my bangs that’s very vivid when my hair is parted on the right.  Overall, my hair is salt-and-pepper; mostly pepper.

Not me.

Last weekend, I meandered around a local art show with my hair parted on the left.  There were some vendor tables, and a woman from a home design company approached me.   “Are you 21?” she asked, seeking people to sign up for her giveaway.  I looked around and then realized she was talking to me.  “21,” I thought.  “Damn, I must look really good today!”  (I’m turning 55 this year.)

On Thursday, I got my haircut.  My stylist parted it on the right.  Grey streak was dramatically visible.  I went to Publix grocery store afterward to grab a few items.  I used my UPromise card at the check-out register, which deposits a little money into a college savings account.  The cashier sweetly asked me, “Is this for your granddaughter?”  My knees buckled.  I could barely find enough breath to correct her judgment.

The unintended insult brought back a sore-spot memory.  In the 1980’s, I was at a professional conference and sat in the front row.  A young woman sat to my right.  With gusto, the keynote speaker welcomed his enormous and captive audience.  Then, with even more gusto he zoomed in on the woman next to me and remarked, “I’ve never had a pregnant woman in any of my audiences.”  The woman wasn’t pregnant!  I’ll never forget how bad I felt for her.

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