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A Real-Life Captain Marvel

March 9, 2012

With the exception of not being able to fly, my “Captain Marv” has superpowers just like the comic book superhero Captain Marvel. Superior wisdom. Enhanced mental perception. Fearlessness.  A champion of good.  A bit goofy, witty and fun, too.

My Captain Marv is Marvin Simkins.  Three years ago, at 90, he became the oldest newest member of Mensa, the organization of geniuses.  Although I’ve never met him, he has become a hugely inspirational figure to me.  But not because of his intellectual prowess.

Young Lovebirds
Marvin & Bea

I came to know Marvin about 7 years ago, having interviewed him and his bride Bea of 66 years for my Everlasting Matrimony book; they’re featured on pages 132 & 133.

Since then, we’ve exchanged emails and enjoyed occasional phone conversations.  His newsy notes are majestic poetry.  His spoken words are magnificently filled with wisdom only accrued by years of life experience.  I relish the opportunities.

“For me, ‘getting it right’ has been the essential but difficult process in fostering a successful marriage…In my particular instance, I have had difficulty curbing my self-absorbed agenda and am still working on that,” read his lyrical, sprightly prose about striving for marital bliss.

Still Got That Zing

What’s incredible about this man is that if I didn’t know his age, 93, I would guess him to be the reverse.  He’s always planning the next adventure of his life.  Right now, he’s writing a memoir.  A two-volume autobiography (so far).

Marvin’s three-years-ago adventure, getting into Mensa, was an intricate feat. Surfing the web one day, he happened upon a page that said veterans who scored 136 or better on the Army General Classification Test (AGCT) were eligible.  He remembered taking the test in 1943 and beating that score.  Tracking down his records required jumping through government hoops.  Months later, he was notified by mail that, in 1973, there had been a fire where his records were stored, and enclosed were his two pages of what-was-left.  Scarred, but his AGCT score imprint was intact. Voila!  He submitted the Mensa membership application.  His 90th birthday present: a Mensa “welcome” package!

I’m certain he has no idea how much he has taught me. Everyone needs a “young, older” Captain Marv.

“Everlasting Matrimony” book
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