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Davy Jones Busted My Eyeglasses

March 2, 2012

Life’s lows tend to lodge forever in our memory.  And their silver linings, too.

The sadness of Davy Jones’ passing yesterday at 66 years-young regresses me back to the age of 12 when I went to a Monkees concert.  It was exciting and miserable all at the same time.

I’ve worn eyeglasses since age 9.

Days before the concert, when I was going through the critical process of deciding exactly what Davy would like me to wear I sat on my bed.  Crunch.  I got up.  I had sat on my eyeglasses and busted them in half, right on the nose piece.  I could have died on the spot!  In those days there was no such thing as one-hour eyeglass stores.  So I duct-taped the two pieces together.

I went to the concert with those duct-taped eyeglasses, but never took them out of my purse.  Our (my Monkees-addicted sister and her equally crazed girlfriend in their Twiggy paper mini-dresses and me) seats were about a mile away from the concert stage.  I screamed like all 25,000 other girls, but I couldn’t see a damn thing!

Fast forward to about five years ago, Davy Jones was appearing in concert, solo at Epcot’s International Flower & Garden Festival.  (Stop laughing!)  I was there, within an arm’s length of the miniscule (in comparison to that of four decades ago) stage.  Along with a small crowd of baby boomers and their kids.  When Davy came out, we women swooned.  The kids pretty much sat still with blank faces; you could tell each was thinking “What the hell has gotten into my Mom?”  It was an every-minute-was-worth-waiting-for experience.

Yesterday, Davy “took the last train to Clarksville.”

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